Can Developing Countries Innovate Themselves Out of Poverty?

These days, "innovation" seems to be everywhere, but who's innovating and what does it actually achieve in the developing world?

How a Broken Tractor Plowed into Cyberspace

DIY-style blueprints may help to democratize humans and their tools.

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“Open-sourced Blueprints for Civilization”

Watch Marcin Jakubowski explain his "civilization starter kit" in his 2011 TED Talk.

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DIY This: Makerspaces and Innovation

From the DIY brick press to 3-D printed ukuleles to synthetic biology, innovation - and education - is happening in makerspaces.

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A New Underground Railroad, for Maternal Health

How a former California state official started a global movement to fight infant mortality

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Map Kibera at 7: Erica Hagen on Change, Learning, and Balance

At 7, Map Kibera is now a veteran in the civic technology space. Co-Founder Erica Hagen discusses how the organization has learned and changed.

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